Show me the Money!

The CFO Tool is no longer in Service. But don’t worry, the CFO Tool features and functions are now available in our new application, Planful! You can learn all about Planful’s features by clicking below.

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(What the Huzzah, of course!)

The Huzzah tool has ridden off into the sunset. But never fear, you can find much of the information you previously referenced Huzzah for (Individual Role/Job, Cost Center and Functional Area) in Workday employee profiles. For more details on where to find other information previously housed in Huzzah, please click below.

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Engage is transitioning to Awardco.

Along with all of your Zollars!

Awardco will go live on Tuesday 2/7 at 8am PST, and you'll be able to get right back to WOWing your colleagues and spending your Zollars!

Redirecting you to Awardco... Engage's replacement! 🥳

Redirecting you to the new Grand Central... in Workday! 🥳

Looking for someone?!?

Profilez is no longer in service, but you can still manage your details and find fellow Zapponians in Workday.


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